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Advantages of Cloud Computing:

  • Access to endless applications and software services for low cost.
  • No need for high end hardware/software in to start your business. You can even expand or downsize your business without the need to upgrade or reduce your resources at any time.
  • Since software applications and the supporting tools resides within servers of the Cloud Service Provider, there is no need for you to worry about the maintenance and frequent upgradation of your existing system.
  • You can have access to your files and data from anywhere with the help of internet.
  • These Cloud services/applications are scalable: Capable of meeting the changing conditions of a person's or company's needs without losing its significance. For example, if you plan on expanding your business by recruiting more employees, you don't need to invest more on hardware/software, just a basic system with an internet access will be sufficient for your new employee. With which your new recruit can access the required application hosted by the cloud computing company and get your job done.
  • Many new applications and services can be obtained on-demand without the need for you to upgrade your system.
  • All these Cloud services are accessed through your mobile, making your life very easy on the go.
  • Your staff's valuable time and effort can be utilized in a useful manner rather than spending time in maintaining and servicing your business infrastructure.
  • Now some of the Cloud Computing companies offer an offline version of their application with which you can access your files and data even when the internet is not present. Eventually your data and files will be synchronized automatically when you login next time if the application sees any changes.
  • Pay as you go or Pay only for what you have used feature allows us to enjoy Cloud Computing at its best as it values what we spend.


Disadvantages of using Cloud Computing:

  • Not all the organisations would want their corporate data to be stored outside their firewall. Because, in Cloud Computing one's file and data are stored inside Application Provider's Database.
  • Cloud Computing poses Security and Privacy concerns for its users; Because your data and files are stored somewhere in the Cloud Service Provider's Databases; not in your own computer. So while taking up any Cloud service, inquire them about the Security features, Authentication methods, Authentic formats etc., in order to make your computing trouble-free.

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