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Cloud Computing - Google Docs

Google Docs is one of the many web based applications provided by Google Apps. By using Google Docs, you can create, edit, share, collaborate and publish documents. You can create document (similar like Microsoft word), presentation, forms, drawing documents etc. You can also use templates provided by Google docs to create a new document. After creating the document, you can download the document also to your system. Some of the most popular documents like Microsoft Word Document (.doc, .docx), Microsoft Excel Document (.xls, .xlsx), Microsoft Power Point (.ppt), Adobe's Acrobat (.pdf), videos, images etc., can be uploaded to Google Docs and files with following extension like .odt, .ods, .csv etc are also supported.

For easy navigation and search option, Google Docs has provided search facility also. There may be limitations to access the uploaded documents created from third party software. To know more about Google Docs, please visit http://docs.google.com/support/.


How Google Docs is used in recruitment industry?

Let us give you an example about how Google Docs is used in staffing (recruitment) industry.

You can create all documents related to company's history, company's policies, hr policies, employee orientation document etc. You can also create orientation/standards/guidelines/standard operating procedures document related to recruitment and sales. Then you can provide viewing/editing privileges and if you are interested, you can publish those documents also.

When a new employee joins in the staffing company, system administrator sets the necessary privileges to view, update the necessary documents in Google Docs. He/She can then login to Google Docs and get to know about the company details, all details related to their job profile by reading relevant documents. Whatever documents that is necessary for their day to day operation can also be downloaded. Advantage is that there is no need for someone to send the documents through email to that employee, there by avoiding the unnecessary email traffic, duplication of documents in several places, email storage and extra man hours etc.

  • All employees can create document in Google Docs.
  • All employees can upload documents from other software (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint etc.)
  • The creator of the document can allocate privileges to that document. Viewing/Editing Privileges can be allocated to all or few employees based on the needs of the organization.

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