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Karl Glenn, Business Development Director, ETL Solutions Ltd.

Learndatamodeling.com is an invaluable site, it has a depth of detail, clear and uncluttered layout and it tells it how it is - thanks and keep up the good work!!!
Date:- July 15, 2005


Kailash, Jersey City, NJ, United States.

Yours is a great site with lucid information regarding data modelling and data warehouse. I am a software consultant for citigroup and I needed to immediately work on data modelling. After going through various chapters in your site in 2 hrs or less, I was more than confident to work on the new assignment.
Thanks a lot.
Date:- June 21, 2005

Leslie, Boston, MA, United States.

This is a very informative website that I intend to use a lot. It reminds me of W3 Schools. Thank you for sharing so much useful information in one place.
Date:- July 16, 2005

Mitesh, NY, New York, United States.

Excellent resource, Keep it up !
Date:- July 17, 2005

Krantz Gandham, Texas, United States.

Good stuff! Very nicely compiled. Will be very useful for beginners to build a solid knowledge base. Keep it up!
Date:- July 20, 2005

Anil Khatwad, Miramar, Florida, United States.

It's a great website to understand various terminology used in the world of Data Modeling. I would like to thank all the person who is organising this very well.
Date:- August 5, 2005

Myrlande, Orlando, Florida, United States.

Thank you for digging me out of the hole that I was in. I had a school project due and the book I was using made me more confused. Thanks you for a wonderful site.
Date:- September 8, 2005


Munir, United Kingdom.

A very good website! Covers a lot of topics.
Date:- July 6, 2005


Ram, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India.

WOW!!!, this is a very very informative site.
Keep up the work guys, keep adding quality information more and more.
Take quality data modelling knowledge contributions from visitors to provide more information. More suggestions to come in future. GREAT SITE!!!!!
Date:- June 24, 2005

Vikranth, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India.

A very very helpful site for learning modelling types.
Date:- June 27, 2005

Madhava Reddy, Bangalore, Karnataka, India.

This site is pretty much good for beginners as well as experienced. I personally gained a lot of knowledge from this site.
Date:- June 28, 2005

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